Good Will Hunting By Myself

Girl, I remember when we was sittin' on your couch
Watchin' Good Will Hunting, holdin' hands and drinkin' milkshakes
But milkshakes melt, people change, and you dumped me on my birthday
Right after I bought you that really expensive thing from the Body Shop
Called Jojoba Loofah Milktowel or something like that
That I sold 147 Cutco knives to afford, but whatever, hey, it's cool
I've moved on you know, I'm happy now - well, happy in a crying sorta way
You know, curled up naked in the shower biting your knees wishing you were dead kinda happy
But I realized you were right, we were never meant to be
And you know what? Thank God!
'Cause you're the most vapid, whiny blah I've ever met
Always making fun of my clothes, telling me how hot other guys are, asking me to pay you gas money?!
Buy your own gas you bug-eyed mooch - it's your car and it costs more than my house
Oh and now you're going around trying to sleep with my friends
Hey good, that really makes you an empowered individual - no wait, did I say empowered individual? I
meant two-cent gutter slut
Listen you tanning-bed-baked, broke-ass, goat-faced, oompa-loompa monkey problem
I am proud to shop at Target, I'll wear warm-up pants any day of the week
Yes, your ass did look fat in those jeans, your mom's a M.I.L.F.
And I plan to get on your little sister just as soon as I give her a call back, oh and you know what else?

You can watch Good Will Hunting by yourself (you bitch, please die)
You can waste your life without my help (you bitch, please die)
You can hang out with your friends, that is if you had any friends
You can watch Good Will Hunting by yourself 'til your eyes fall out
You can watch Good Will Hunting by yourself - I hope your eyes fall out
Why don't you go watch it by yourself?
Go to hell!
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I guess I never let go because I wasn't ready too.
Well, I am now and I think I should do it and not look back.
Dwelling on it has never helped anyone.
The quicker I let go the quicker I can get on with my life.
It was a bumpy ride and I enjoyed it for a while but now I'm bruised, battered and tired.
Too tired to hang on any longer.
It's done. 

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And its not you....

Why does everything have to be so damn difficult? It is simple to make a phone call. A toddler can do it. And why am I so concered by it? I shouldn't care! FUCK YOU!!! Sorry for yelling.
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Welcoming the new year with open arms...

"09' was possibly the craziest year I've had ever!! So many things happened this last year my head is still spinning..
I lost a lot of people who were special to me but I gained many more people who are becoming crucial to me.
I met some really interesting people this year that I would be bored and lost without.
And even though I made a bunch of new friends I want to forget that last year ever happened.
Everything that could've went wrong, did.

This year however will NOT be like last year.
I will not let it happen.
This year will be different because I am different.
Screw everyone who fucked me over and pretty much made me feel like shit.
Thanks to everyone who was there for me when I needed to vent, bitch and moan.
Thanks for putting up with my shit.
Especially you Marv. You have very special place in my heart and I love you for being you.

Bring it on 2010! I'll be waiting.

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I'm in pain. My back seriously hurts. I hate being a girl sometimes.
I took my practical exam the other day and everything that could have went wrong did.
First off lets start with the menu.
The menu consisted of a soup, an entree, a starch and a veggie to go with it. Then we needed a dessert and a yeast bread.
My teams menu was Pasta e Fagioli for the soup, Chicken Duxelle with a Saffron rice and a julienne of steamed veggies.
For dessert we made an apple pie a la mode' and our yeast bread was HFCC white bread. It was fool proof.
Or so we thought. Apon finiishing our food we realized that all was not right.
Our rice was to salty, one of my partners left a tooth pick in the chicken, and the rice inside the chicken duxelle wasnt cooked all the way.
As if that wasnt enough, the bread was taking forever to proof and wasnt rising properly and the pie filling was horrible. Now,
the filling was in part my fault. I didnt make it but I used another teams filling because they had a bunch left over and I didnt have the time to make my own. We ony had 3 hours to complete this and I was on pasrties. The yeast was taking so long to activate that I had to re do it several times. By the time came to make the pie I was panicked so I used theirs. It looked good and smelled good so I went for it.
My bad. I know better than to trust someone elses stuff especialy when I dont know if hey know what heir doing. Oh well.
We passed with a B, so I can live with that. I was so mad at myself because they were all such simple mistakes.
Well, all I can do is do better the next time.

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My aunt died.
My brother had another seizure.
It may be my fault.
Kitty's gone.
I'm lonely now.
I like her.
I dont know why.
I dont miss you as much anymore.
Everything is everything I suppose.
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Brick By Boring Brick

"Well if it's not real and you can't hold it in you hands, 
can't feel it with you heart. Then I won't believe it.
But if it's true and you can see it with you eyes, 
or even in the dark. Then that's where I want to be" 

My brother was in the hospital.
My aunt's dying.
School is GREAT!
My family sucks.
My friends are better.
You like me?! WTF?!
I don't even think I can pretend anymore, not for you or for me.
I really hope you don't like me...

"Yeah momma this must be my dream...."
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